Truck Repair Service

Truck Repair Service

Our company, Blue Ridge Truck & Auto is synonymous with Truck Repair Service in Roanoke, VA. If you are in need of a Truck Repair Service in Roanoke, VA we offer experienced technicians. Blue Ridge resolves all types of vehicle repair challenges, as well as offering extensive experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on courteous and expedient services that leave our customers completely satisfied.

We know when someone is looking for any kind of Truck Repair Service, they’re looking for seasoned professionals, who can do the job right the first time around. That expertise is exactly what you will get when you call Blue Ridge Truck & Auto. We are confident that you will continue to return time after time. Our sincerest wish is that you will refer all of your friends, colleagues and family when they need Truck Repair Service in Roanoke, VA.


We’re known for getting repairs right the first time and every mechanic is ASE Certified. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, and experience to get the job done so there’s no surprises. When your truck needs repair, the last thing you want is more surprises. That’s why we get prior approval before performing repairs on your vehicle. Blue Ridge Truck & Auto is the approved service and repair provider for most insurance companies. Blue Ridge holds preferred status with those who use that designation to help you get your trucks serviced quickly. When your vehicle needs minor service or repair, we can move you through quickly.

Call our service hotline direct at 540-904-0456 to speak with us in depth about any and all vehicle repairs in Roanoke, VA. Blue Ridge Truck & Auto offers many types of services, ranging from the small and simple to the large and complex. Our track record and references speak for themselves. We have served Roanoke, VA since 1983.

Truck Repair Service

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